Shed and Schedule

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We have a new shed, thanks to a $2500 Building Healthy Communities grant from Home Depot! Thanks also to Gabrielle Baker for the grant application and to the 20 volunteers at the last Edible Garden work party for laying the groundwork for the shed installation, and to Whole Foods for donated snacks and beverages.  The new shed will be a wonderful support to the Edible Garden class curriculum.

Here’s your chance to help make a big difference for the Native Garden: Saturday, November 20 form 9am to noon will be a work party in the Native Garden to continue the renewal project funded by a grant from the EMSWCD.  See you there!

Fall lineup

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There are many opportunities to enjoy and help with the Sabin Gardens this fall. Sabin SUN classes are available for kids to dig into projects this fall, M-Th 3:30-5:30.  Work parties are on the calendar: Sunday, October 17 from noon to 3pm in the Edible Garden and Saturday, November 20 form 9am to noon in the Native Garden.  Also, Garden Committee meetings are held every fist Thursday, beginning November 4.  Please see our Volunteers page for more information, then join us!

Work party cleans it up

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Sabin and ACCESS parents and kids had fun working hard on August 5 to do a summer cleanup of the area surrounding the Edible Garden.  While we were at it we noticed a lot of wonderful things in the Garden.  Click here to have a look.

Native Garden enhancements begin

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You may have seen a bright orange construction wrap around the perimeter of the Native Garden recently.  It is the first step visible step in a processes which will include amending the soil, improving walkways, swale redesign and new plantings.  These enhancements are paid for through a grant from the East Multnomah Soil and Water Conservation District, spearheaded by Sabin/ACCESS parent Heather Kent. The wrap will come down in the late fall, and the educational component of the grant will begin. Sabin students will then get into studying watersheds and native habitats in a big way, with field trips and right here at home in the enhanced Native Garden.

Thank you, Kohl’s!

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Five volunteers from Kohl’s joined Sabin and ACCESS parents to work in the Edible Garden on Saturday, June 26, 2010.  Thanks to their work under the guidance of Garden Educator Isabel LaCourse, the Edible Garden raised beds will have water for the summer.  We really appreciate Kohl’s employees taking part of their weekend to help with our educational garden.  In addition, Kohl’s has granted the Sabin PTA $500 for the garden.  Thank you, Kohl’s!

Sabin Neighborhood Encounter

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Sabin Gardens will be part of a tour of common spaces in the Sabin Community, sponsored by the Sabin Community Association on Saturday, May 8 from 10am-noon.  Here is the information from the SCA Newsletter:

Want to know about the common spaces we share in our neighborhood, so we can take better care of them? Want to know where boundaries are and rules concerning public property such as parks, planting strips and rights of way? Then join us at Sabin Hydropark, NE Skidmore at 19th Ave., on May 8 from 10am-noon. We’ll get a general orientation and talk about the facilities at the Hydropark, such as the play area and Community Garden, walk down 19th Ave. to Mason St. and the Sabin Community Orchard, cross the street to Sabin School and Sabin Gardens, head over to 15th to point out the triangle at Prescott, walk down 15th to Klickitat, stroll down the Klickitat Mall to Irving Park, and end at the Green Streets project on Fremont. From there, we can check out Ariadne Garden, a non-profit land trust project, just north of Fremont on 11th, before an optional lunch at Whole Foods. For more information, contact Jeff Strang at 503-752-9494 or

Buy seeds and support Sabin Gardens

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You can grow your garden and ours too, all at once. When you purchase seeds from Botanical Interests using the new link on the Buy Seeds! page, Botanical Interests donates a hefty portion (40%) of its profit to the Sabin PTA to support the Sabin Gardens. To double your gift, you can purchase seeds from Botanical Interests that the Garden Educator at Sabin can use in the classroom. The students get the seeds and the Sabin PTA gets the proceeds.

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Work party February 20

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Sabin Gardns will be having a work party on February 20, from 9:30am until 2:00pm to get the Edible Garden ready for spring planting and build additional vegetable planting beds. Please join us for as much time as you choose–even an hour of your help makes a big difference.

Sabin School, ACCESS Academy and Sabin SUN Community School all use the edible gardens to learn more about nutrition, garden basics and to gain an appreciation for the origins of food. Learning about growth in the garden helps children recognize and appreciate growth in themselves.

Contact Isabel, Garden Educator at

What’s growing on in December

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Sabin’s Edible Garden

Hi everyone! I’m Isabel, Sabin’s Garden Educator.

Now in the garden: For the most part, the garden is in hibernation mode. SUN students have planted a cover crop that will protect and enrich the soil through our rainy winter, giving us a head start when spring comes. We still have a few of our hardy vegetables around, and they are protected by a cloche.

What you can do to help: We are collecting supplies to make our garden as inclusive and productive as possible. If you are able to donate supplies or have questions about the garden, please contact me at or give Kate, our SUN coordinator, a call at 503-360-3104.

  • Soil testing kits
  • Digging forks and other tools
  • Seed starting trays
  • 4 inch plant pots
  • Seeds
  • Tool shed supplies (i.e. plywood, hinges, time)
  • Rain gear: for students
  • Rain boots: for students
  • Greenhouse/tool shed (pre-constructed)

Upcoming garden events: Garden committee meeting: January 7th – locations to be announced. Please contact me if you are interested in attending. Garden work party: February 20th – join other parents in kicking the spring off right while enjoying free coffee and pastries.Gardening tip of the month: Cover current garden plots with organic material to prevent leaching of nutrients and compaction of the soil. Straw (make sure its not hay) works just fine and can help protect any lingering hardy crops like spinach, kale, and broccoli. Don’t forget: if you have any questions, feel free to contact me at

Happy planting,


Garden Work Party, October 10 & 11

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Welcome back to another wonderfull year in the garden! Join us on Saturday and Sunday, October 10 & 11 from 9am until noon for a work party to help get the garden ready for fall classes.  Come and meet other neighbors, parents and our new Garden Educator, Isabel LaCourse.

What a difference a year makes.  So many people have contributed their time, talent and helping hands to sustain the Native Garden and transform what was a level patch of grass and weeds into the Edible Garden.  (To see what the Edible Garden looked like when it was established a little more than a year ago, click here.)  But we need to keep digging, weeding, watering and caring for the gardens so that they can continue to be a wonderful resource for the children at Sabin School, ACCESS Academy and in the Sabin neighborhood.

Hope to see you there.

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